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​DUAL Accreditation for your University or Business school

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence. ECLBS and the National Accreditation Agency in Kyrgyzstan have officially entered into an agreement to provide our esteemed members with the option of joint or dual accreditation with our Exclusive partner BSKG which is a recognized accreditation agency by the KG Ministry of Education and a Full-member of INQAAHE/APQN
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How does the Dual Accreditation appear?

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ECLBS Accreditation Guide for Business Schools
1. Introduction

The ECLBS accreditation is a mark of excellence and quality assurance for business schools. This guide outlines the steps, procedures, and formats necessary for achieving ECLBS accreditation.

2. Accreditation Process

2.1 Initial Inquiry and Eligibility Check


  1. Initial Inquiry: The business school contacts ECLBS to express interest in accreditation.

  2. Eligibility Check: ECLBS reviews the business school's profile to ensure it meets basic eligibility criteria.


  • Initial Inquiry Form (Appendix A)

  • Eligibility Checklist (Appendix B)

2.2 Application Submission


  1. Complete Application Form: The business school completes and submits the ECLBS Accreditation Application Form.

  2. Application Fee: Payment of the non-refundable application fee.


  • ECLBS Accreditation Application Form (Appendix C)

  • Fee Payment Receipt Template (Appendix D)

2.3 Self-Assessment Report (SAR)


  1. Preparation: The business school prepares a comprehensive Self-Assessment Report based on ECLBS standards.

  2. Submission: Submit the SAR along with supporting documents to ECLBS.


  • Self-Assessment Report Template (Appendix E)

  • Supporting Documents Checklist (Appendix F)

2.4 Peer Review Visit


  1. Scheduling: ECLBS schedules a peer review visit to the business school.

  2. On-Site Evaluation: A team of peer reviewers conducts an on-site evaluation, including interviews with faculty, staff, and students.

  3. Report Submission: Peer reviewers submit their findings in a detailed report.


  • Peer Review Visit Schedule Template (Appendix G)

  • Peer Review Report Template (Appendix H)

2.5 Decision Making


  1. Review: ECLBS Accreditation Committee reviews the peer review report and SAR.

  2. Decision: The committee makes a decision to grant, defer, or deny accreditation.

  3. Notification: The business school is notified of the decision and any required actions.


  • Accreditation Decision Letter Template (Appendix I)

  • Action Plan Template (if required) (Appendix J)

2.6 Continuous Improvement and Reaccreditation


  1. Annual Reports: Accredited schools submit annual reports to ECLBS.

  2. Periodic Review: ECLBS conducts periodic reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with standards.

  3. Reaccreditation: Schools undergo reaccreditation every five years.


  • Annual Report Template (Appendix K)

  • Reaccreditation Application Form (Appendix L)

3. Detailed Procedures and Templates
3.1 Initial Inquiry Form (Appendix A)

ECLBS Initial Inquiry Form

1. School Name:
2. Address:
3. Contact Person:
4. Email:
5. Phone Number:
6. Brief Description of Programs Offered:
7. Accreditation Status (if any):

Submit the completed form to [ECLBS Contact Email].

3.2 Eligibility Checklist (Appendix B)

ECLBS Eligibility Checklist

1. Institution is a legally recognized entity.
2. Offers degree programs in business or related fields.
3. Has been operational for at least three years.
4. Meets minimum faculty qualifications.
5. Complies with local education regulations.

Reviewed by: [ECLBS Representative]

3.3 ECLBS Accreditation Application Form (Appendix C)

ECLBS Accreditation Application Form

1. School Name:
2. Address:
3. Contact Person:
4. Email:
5. Phone Number:
6. Program Information (List all programs seeking accreditation):
7. Faculty Information:
8. Facilities and Resources:
9. Institutional Mission and Goals:
10. Financial Stability:

Signature of Authorized Representative:

3.4 Fee Payment Receipt Template (Appendix D)

ECLBS Fee Payment Receipt

Amount Paid:
Payment Method:
Received From:
Purpose: ECLBS Accreditation Application Fee

Signature of ECLBS Representative:

3.5 Self-Assessment Report Template (Appendix E)

Self-Assessment Report

1. Executive Summary:
2. Institutional Overview:
3. Governance and Administration:
4. Faculty and Staff:
5. Student Admission and Support:
6. Curriculum and Instruction:
7. Research and Scholarship:
8. Facilities and Resources:
9. Financial Health:
10. Strengths and Areas for Improvement:
11. Appendices (Supporting Documents):

Prepared by:

3.6 Supporting Documents Checklist (Appendix F)

Supporting Documents Checklist

1. Institutional Charter/License
2. Faculty CVs
3. Curriculum Details
4. Financial Statements
5. Student Handbooks
6. Research Publications
7. Facility Layout Plans

Submitted by:

3.7 Peer Review Visit Schedule Template (Appendix G)

Peer Review Visit Schedule

Day 1:
- 09:00 AM: Opening Meeting
- 10:00 AM: Campus Tour
- 11:00 AM: Faculty Interviews
- 01:00 PM: Lunch Break
- 02:00 PM: Student Interviews
- 04:00 PM: Review Team Meeting

Day 2:
- 09:00 AM: Administrative Staff Interviews
- 11:00 AM: Document Review
- 01:00 PM: Lunch Break
- 02:00 PM: Exit Meeting with School Leadership

Prepared by:

3.8 Peer Review Report Template (Appendix H)

Peer Review Report

1. Introduction:
2. Summary of Visit:
3. Evaluation of Self-Assessment Report:
4. Interviews and Findings:
5. Strengths:
6. Areas for Improvement:
7. Recommendations:
8. Conclusion:

Prepared by:

3.9 Accreditation Decision Letter Template (Appendix I)

Accreditation Decision Letter

School Name:

Dear [School Representative],

We are pleased to inform you that after thorough review and evaluation, ECLBS has decided to [grant/deny] accreditation to [School Name]. Please find attached the detailed report and any required actions.

Congratulations and we look forward to your continued success.

ECLBS Accreditation Committee

3.10 Action Plan Template (Appendix J)
Action Plan

1. Identified Issue:
2. Action Required:
3. Responsible Person(s):
4. Timeline:
5. Resources Needed:
6. Progress Updates:

Reviewed by:

3.11 Annual Report Template (Appendix K)

Annual Report

1. Institutional Updates:
2. Program Changes:
3. Faculty and Staff Developments:
4. Student Enrollment and Achievement:
5. Financial Summary:
6. Future Plans:
7. Supporting Documents:

Submitted by:

3.12 Reaccreditation Application Form (Appendix L)

Reaccreditation Application Form

1. School Name:
2. Address:
3. Contact Person:
4. Email:
5. Phone Number:
6. Summary of Changes Since Last Accreditation:
7. Current Programs Offered:
8. Faculty and Staff Information:
9. Financial Overview:
10. Strategic Plan:

Signature of Authorized Representative:

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