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KESMONDS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (KIU AMERICA) was established as a nonprofit, non-political, and private institution dedicated to advancing the professional and personal aspirations of its students through a rigorous yet supportive educational experience. Originally founded in 2010 as a non-governmental organization known as the FAMILY OF EXTRAORDINARY STUDENTS, its initial focus was on assisting students from underserved communities in securing scholarships in developed countries. The organization also provided access to training facilities equipped with advanced technologies, addressing the lack of such opportunities in their localities. In 2014, the organization underwent a rebranding and became KESMONDS GROUP LIMITED, evolving into a global conglomerate with diverse services, including hospitality, digital and print media, journals, healthcare, and imports and exports. KESMONDS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY remained a key service within the conglomerate, emphasizing ON-CAMPUS LEARNING, RESEARCH-BASED LEARNING, INDUSTRIAL AND SKILLED-BASED LEARNING, AND EXPERIENCE-BASED LEARNING. Despite this expansion, the university continues to offer DISTANCE LEARNING, leveraging modern technology such as digital laboratories and simulation teaching methods. From its early days focusing on open distance learning and electronic resources, the university has grown exponentially, establishing a presence in multiple countries.

Main Address

P.O Box 489 Ngaoundere Cameroon


Founded in: Mar 15, 2014

Official Email:

Main Phone: +237695009100

First Name: Prof Atanga

Last Name (Family Name): Desmond Funwie

Position: President

Direct Email:

Direct Phone: +237695009100

Direct work Address: P.O Box 489 Ngaoundere Cameroon

Organization type: Private

Organization URL:


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