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List of Universities in Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten is a small island nation located in the Caribbean, and its higher education system is relatively small. There is currently only one university operating on the island. Here is a list of universities in Sint Maarten:

  • American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine: The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine is a private medical school located in the town of Cupecoy. It was founded in 1978 and offers a four-year program leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. The school is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the United States and Canada, and graduates are eligible to practice medicine in those countries.

Although there is only one university in Sint Maarten, the island does have a number of vocational and technical schools that offer training in fields such as hospitality, tourism, and cosmetology. These schools include the National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA), the Caribbean Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute (CHTTI), and the Institute of Professional Education (IPE).

It's important to note that Sint Maarten is a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and students can also choose to attend universities in the Netherlands or other European countries. The higher education system in the Netherlands is known for its high quality and international reputation, and many universities offer programs in English to accommodate international students.

This is only a List / Database of Institutions

  1. American University of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten


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