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During the Annual Conference, the ECLBS BoD voted to officially start ECLBS Accreditation

Programmatic accreditation (also called specialized accreditation).

An accreditation process is built on self-evaluation and peer review. Gaining accreditation is a quality mark testifying that a university, a department/school, or educational program (s) have achieved the level of quality that is defined and sought after by a specific accrediting body.

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Programmatic Accreditation 

Please note, ECLBS doesn't offer an institutional accreditation, an institutional accreditation can be by one of  ECLBS's partners (state accreditations). we can offer you DUAL Accreditation with our State accreditation in KG

An Institutional accreditation/approval should be given only by your local authority or equivalent

ECLBS sets the standard in programmatic accreditation. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality assessment and evaluation services to ensure that your program meets the necessary requirements for accreditation.

We understand that the accreditation process can be daunting, and we strive to make it as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our comprehensive approach is based on the belief that quality assurance and continuous improvement are essential for any program. With us, you can rest assured that your program will exceed the highest standards of excellence.


Quality you need

the ECLBS BoD voted to start the ECLBS Accreditation

Programmatic accreditation is a type of accreditation that evaluates and accredits specific academic programs or courses of study within an educational institution, rather than accrediting the entire institution as a whole. Programmatic accreditation is typically conducted by specialized accrediting agencies or boards that focus on specific fields of study, such as engineering, nursing, or business.

The purpose of programmatic accreditation is to ensure that specific academic programs meet certain standards of quality and rigor, and that graduates of those programs are adequately prepared for their chosen professions. Accrediting agencies typically evaluate programs based on a set of established criteria, which may include factors such as faculty qualifications, curriculum design, student learning outcomes, and resources and facilities.

Programmatic accreditation can provide several benefits to students and educational institutions. For students, accreditation can help ensure that the program they choose meets certain quality standards and prepares them adequately for their chosen careers. Accreditation can also make it easier for students to transfer credits between institutions or pursue further education or licensure in their field.

For educational institutions, programmatic accreditation can help to establish credibility and demonstrate a commitment to quality and excellence in specific academic programs. Accreditation can also make it easier for institutions to attract students and faculty and to secure funding or grants from government agencies or other organizations.

It's worth noting that programmatic accreditation is separate from institutional accreditation, which evaluates and accredits the institution as a whole. Institutional accreditation typically evaluates factors such as the institution's mission, governance, financial stability, and other factors that contribute to the overall quality of the institution.


The commencement of ECLBS accreditation was declared by the ECLBS Seminar Head (who also serves as the President of MFHEA) at the University of Latvia.
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Achieve the Success You Deserve 

The European Council of Leading Business Schools (ECLBS) is a world-renowned quality body that strives to raise the quality of business education worldwide. Our process is rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring that participating institutions meet our rigorous standards of excellence. 

We know that the success of any business school depends on the quality of its faculty and programs. That’s why we have developed a thorough and transparent accreditation process that involves a rigorous review of all aspects of a school’s operations. By partnering with us, business schools can be sure that they are providing the highest quality education available.

First Step Towards ECLBS Accreditation

You need to be an approved member, register here

Payment of Membership fee (1st year) is required.


  • Application fee 390 Euro for all categories

  • For ECLBS Full Members: 3900 Euro (full members are only state-approved schools/universities)

  • For ECLBS other Members' fee

    • Affiliate/Associate Members Countries: 9900 Euro  / for the virtual visit 7900 Euro

    • Affiliate/Associate Members LDC/LIC Countries: 7900 Euro  / for the virtual visit 5900 Euro

program fee of 390 EUR per single program

Note: The Audit fee is based on up to three peer auditors days for trans-national provision, online and LMS, and one discipline - if more than three auditors days  are required the additional auditor day fee is 590 EUR

The applicant will cover the expenses associated with an in-person site visit, including transportation, accommodation, meals, and other related costs for peer review members.

Accreditation period: 3-7 years (to be decided by the Board of Directors, based on the auditors' recommendation), for the new programs / or new institutes, 1-3 years accreditation period (new program means less than 3 years of operation)

Annual fee: 990 Euro (after the accreditation)


from 3 to 9 months after you submit your files for accreditation 


The applicant institution must meet one of the following conditions:

ECLBS Full members:

  • It is a nationally recognized, approved, or accredited postsecondary education institution with the authority to award degrees or diplomas in the business education field.

ECLBS Other members:​

  • It is a state-licensed/allowed postsecondary education institution with the authority to award degrees or diplomas in the business education field.

  •  It is a legally established and operating postsecondary education institution with the authority to award degrees and has institutional accreditation from an accrediting agency recognized or listed by a government authority or board responsible for recognizing accrediting agencies. It can also be listed and recognized by CHEA, EQAR, ENQA, INQAAHE, and other regional accreditation associations.

STEP II – Pre-Accreditation Evaluation

  1. Submit the application, which will be reviewed by ECLBS.

  2. If considered, you will be contacted to provide further details for analysis regarding the eligibility policies of the Board of Accreditation.

  3. After evaluation, you will receive information about fees, policies, and regulations.

  4. Once you agree, the next phase of evaluation begins.

STEP III Self Evaluation, Audit & Accreditation

  1. Your institution will undergo self-evaluation and external ECLBS audit phases to assess the quality of your programs.

  2. Accreditation will be granted if the programs meet the standards set by ECLBS.

  3. The audit can be conducted virtually (for Online, Distance, and Blended Learning Institutions), focusing on the online learning platform and ODL system environment of the provider, through online video conferencing, 

  4. Prior to step III, payment of the fee is required.


National accreditation systems generally apply to postgraduate programs within state boundaries and may not cover the international, transnational, inter-university, or collaborative provision of programs.

After you pass the accreditation, you can use the following text: "This study program is ECLBS Accredited"

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