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Brand Guidelines

ECLBS logo

Helping Businesses Blossom

Board of Trustees decisions (valid from March 2023)
  • The Board on 27th Feb 2023 decided the following: copies of the logo, as well as the ECLBS Brand Logo Standards Guide, are available to all ECLBS-members

Only our members are allowed to use our logo
  • After the approval of your application and paying the full fee, you can use your ECLBS logo in your marketing materials to help promote your organization.

  • We will list you on our website

Statement of Quality Assurance
  • Members who have been awarded ECLBS membership or any other quality assurance award may use the statement of the award they received and the ECLBS logo in their marketing materials.

  • Who can use the logo? 

    • Full Members

    • Affiliated Members

    • Associate Members

    • Partners

The acceptable wording of the statement is:

  • ECLBS Member

  • This institution is a member of ECLBS

Old LOGO (shouldnt be used anymore)
  • From 2013 until 2022 we used the following logo: 

  • From 2023


Former Members
Are not allowed to use our logo

Candidate members
Are not allowed to use our logo

Individual Members
Are not allowed to use our logo

Suspended Members
Are not allowed to use our logo

may an institution refer to seeking membership from the ECLBS Commission on its marketing?
An applicant institution may not suggest that it is a member by or will be a member by or otherwise carries any form of approval by ECLBS unless and until membership has been finally granted.

Can the membership be withdrawn? If so, in which cases?
In some cases, ECLBS is obliged to withdraw the certification (after issuing a reminder and setting a deadline). This is the case if the higher education institution didn't notify ECLBS of notifiable changes.

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