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Important Info About Degree and Accreditation Mills

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Quality Assurance Bodies

To assist in the identification of valid agencies and, by contrast, detect whether an agency might be bogus, we offer the following pointers to some lists of recognized and valid accrediting/quality assurance/recognition bodies, the quality assurance/accreditation body should be listed at least on one of the following organizations:

The main 3 Quality Assurance lists

Business Education Accreditation

Most reputable accreditation bodies in business education are not state-recognized accreditations nor state agencies for quality assurance, like the so-called "Triple accreditation", also known as Triple Crown Accreditation… however the accreditation body should have achieved at least one or all the above-listed bodies.

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based on International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) website:

The US Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) has suggested the following tests that can be applied to a purported accrediting body. If the answers to many of the following questions are yes, the accrediting organization under consideration may be bogus:

Does the operation allow accredited status to be purchased?
Does the operation publish lists of institutions or programs they claim to have accredited without those institutions and programs knowing that they are listed or have been accredited?
Does the operation claim that it is recognized (by some other body) when it is not?
Are few if any standards for quality published by the operation?
Is a very short period of time required to achieve accredited status?
Are accreditation reviews routinely confined to submitting documents and do not include site visits or interviews of key personnel by the accrediting organization?
Is ‘permanent’ accreditation granted without any requirement for subsequent periodic review, either by an external body or by the organization itself?
Does the operation use organizational names similar to recognized accrediting organizations?
Does the operation make claims in its publications for which there is no evidence?
Does the operation claim that its accreditations would have international status?
Does the operation claim recognition by international bodies or associations that in themselves are not in the field of accreditation? (Examples would include UNESCO, NAFSA, AACRAO, and EAIE).

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