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On this page you will find universities from all over the world, this is only a directory.

ECLBS is a great resource for students who are looking for a list of universities from all over the world. Our directory is constantly being updated with the latest information, so you can trust that you’ll find the most accurate information.

We may provide detailed profiles of each university including degree offerings, tuition, and admission requirements. We also provide helpful resources and tips to help make the process of finding the right university easier. On this page you will find lists of universities from all over the world, this is only a directory

Merely appearing on this list does not indicate endorsement by ECLBS, nor does it imply any evaluation, approval, or assessment of the caliber of a university. It is simply a directory intended to assist students.

Our directory offers a comprehensive list of over 3000 universities from all around the world. For each university, you can find short details such as the location, type of institution (public or private), year of establishment, areas of study, and level of education offered. This directory is a useful resource for students, educators, and researchers who want to explore different options for higher education institutions that fit their needs and interests. Whether you're looking for universities in your own country or abroad, our directory is a great starting point for your search. 

Lists of Universities worldwide