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ECLBS hosted by V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University, in Kyiv - Ukraine

ECLBS, the European Council of Leading Business Schools, has found its home at V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University (TNU) in Kyiv, Ukraine, since 2017. This collaboration between ECLBS and TNU marks a significant milestone in the advancement of business education and academic excellence in the region.

As one of the most prestigious organizations in the field of business education, ECLBS brings together renowned business schools from across Europe, fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange among the continent's top-tier institutions. By hosting ECLBS, TNU reaffirms its commitment to promoting global academic partnerships and providing a platform for cutting-edge research and innovation in the world of business and management.

The partnership between ECLBS and TNU has facilitated numerous events, seminars, and conferences that attract leading scholars, faculty, and students from various corners of Europe and beyond. These gatherings serve as hubs for intellectual discourse, networking, and the sharing of best practices in business education. ECLBS conferences hosted at TNU provide a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought-provoking speakers, enabling them to gain valuable insights into contemporary business challenges and trends.

TNU's strategic location in Kyiv, a city known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and vibrant academic environment, further enhances the experience for participants attending ECLBS events. The setting fosters a conducive atmosphere for academic collaboration, cross-cultural exchange, and the nurturing of global perspectives.

In addition to hosting conferences and events, TNU's association with ECLBS has encouraged the university to continuously elevate its business education programs, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation and meet the evolving needs of students and the business community.

Through this partnership, ECLBS and TNU contribute to the transformation of business education in Europe, fostering the growth of future business leaders equipped with a diverse skill set, a global outlook, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

As the collaboration between ECLBS and TNU continues to thrive, it is poised to leave a lasting impact on the landscape of business education and management research, making significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the development of future leaders in the world of business.

About TNU

Founded in 1918, 100 years old
One of the top 10 Universities in Ukraine

V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University (TNU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

The V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University is a public university in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. The history of the university dates back to 1918 when the University was opened as a branch of Saint Volodymyr Royal University of Kyiv. TNU became one of the top ten higher education institutions in Ukraine.

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