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In 2013 ECLBS was founded in Riga as a non-profit organization, ECLBS keeps developing its services to creates new formats for future challenges in the business education sector. 

27th Oct 2023

The ECLBS annual conference in Riga with 58 active members, read more

17th March 2023

ECLBS board members are meeting on 17th March 2023 with Dr. Sughnani, Director of Higher Education Classification & Rating Framework at Knowledge & Human Development Authority, to see further possible cooperation

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27th Feb 2023

During the Board Meeting (27th Feb 2023) the new logo was approved, therefore starting from march 2023 only the new ECLBS logo will be used, read more


16th Sep 2022

The 3nd ECLBS online annual conference with 31 active members

8th Oct 2021

The 2nd ECLBS online annual conference with 28 active members

14th Nov 2020

due to covid 19 restrictions, ECLBS annual conference was online with 22 active members

9th Oct 2019

The first ECLBS annual conference in Ukraine with 18 active members

10th Sep 2018

The ECLBS annual conference in Kyiv under the name "The Ukraine-Arabic Higher Education Conference" with nearly 50 universities 


7th Oct 2017

The ECLBS annual conference decided to move its operation office to Kyiv  to support Ukraine Education System, TNU offered to Host ECLBS, read more

19th Oct 2016

The ECLBS annual conference in Riga with12 Members

24th Nov 2015

The ECLBS annual conference in Riga with 8 Members

14th Nov 2014

The First ECLBS annual conference in Riga with 5 Members, read more

Sep 2013

3 Business Schools decided to start ECLBS, registration was ready on 11.10.2013, read more


Since 2013, ECLBS has generally held its annual conference between Sep-Nov in Riga / Kyiv / online


We are proud to have members from all over the world, click here to see the list of ECLBS members​

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