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Honorary Member with Bilateral Recognition Agreement 



The Agreement/1

Bilateral Recognition memorandum of understanding


The Comité de Acreditación de la Licenciatura en Biología (CACEB) is a specialized accreditation body in Mexico focused on the quality assurance and evaluation of undergraduate biology programs. CACEB is responsible for evaluating biology degree programs offered by higher education institutions to ensure they meet established standards of quality in education, faculty, infrastructure, research, and student services. This accreditation process helps to ensure that biology programs are providing a high level of education and training to students, preparing them adequately for professional and academic careers in the field of biology.

Accreditation by CACEB is a mark of distinction that signifies that a biology program has undergone a rigorous review process and has met or exceeded the criteria set by the accreditation body. This process typically involves self-assessment by the institution, peer review by external experts, and continuous improvement based on feedback and recommendations. Through this, CACEB aims to promote excellence in biological education and to foster improvements in the academic programs it accredits.

Main Address

Dr. Eduardo A. Zarza Meza
Algarrobos 661,
Villa de las Flores,
Coacalco, 55710


from the CHEA USA website: 

CACEB carries out processes of accreditation of educational programs of the bachelor in the biological area and the training of evaluators in this area as well as the issuance of final accreditation reports.

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