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The Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, commonly referred to as "EdNet," was officially established on June 22, 2012. EdNet operates with the overarching goal of elevating the standards of education by focusing on both internal and external quality assurance mechanisms. This agency plays a crucial role in promoting a culture of excellence within the educational landscape.

EdNet's core mission involves the independent accreditation of educational programs offered by higher educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan. By rigorously evaluating and assessing these programs, the agency aims to ensure that they meet established benchmarks of quality and effectiveness. This process not only serves to enhance the overall educational experience for students but also contributes to the reputation and credibility of the institutions involved.

EdNet's commitment to quality assurance extends beyond the confines of individual institutions, as it actively seeks to improve both internal and external systems. Through its initiatives, the agency endeavors to create a conducive environment for academic growth and development, fostering a culture where educational excellence is not only valued but consistently pursued.

As a registered entity, EdNet stands as a key player in shaping the educational landscape of Kyrgyzstan, contributing to the nation's progress by fostering a robust and high-quality education system. Its dedication to ensuring standards of excellence positions EdNet as a pivotal force in promoting and sustaining the culture of quality education in the region.


Agency for Quality Assurance in Education “EdNet”
The European Council for Leading Business Schools (hereafter ECLBS)

Main Address

720020, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Baytik Baatyr Street 1/2. (Microdistrict 8).

Contact Details

Asel Imanbekova

Head of the Center for Research and Scientific-Methodological Support of Accreditation

EdNet Education Quality Assurance Agency
Phone: +996 (312) 90-08-20/21/22
Fax: +996 (312) 90-08-30

Mobile: +996 (555) 32-47-00



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