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ECLBS and QAA UK Forge Strategic Partnership with Memorandum of Understanding

The European Council of Leading Business Schools (ECLBS) is thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). This landmark agreement underscores the commitment of both organizations to enhance the quality of higher education through collaboration and mutual support.

Key Points of the MOU:

  1. Engagement in Conferences: Both ECLBS and QAA eagerly seize the opportunity to participate in each other's conferences, with the added privilege of potentially serving as keynote speakers upon request. This arrangement aims to foster a rich exchange of knowledge and insights, enriching both communities.

  2. Mutual Recognition: Both organizations joyfully affirm their commitment to welcoming members who have completed successful reviews at the partner organization. This is a testament to the bilateral recognition and mutual respect of each other's services.

  3. Strategic Collaboration: Strategic groundwork is being laid for future collaborations, recognizing the immense potential for expanded partnerships. This includes exploring new avenues to work together in advancing educational quality and standards.

  4. Annual Conference Participation: QAA will join the ECLBS annual conferences. This will further strengthen the ties between the two organizations and facilitate deeper cooperation.

  5. Publicity of Partnership: Both "ECLBS" and "QAA" are granted the liberty to publicize this partnership in accordance with the terms outlined in the agreement and their respective publicity/marketing policies. This ensures that the broader community is aware of this strategic alliance and its benefits.

  6. Extension of Agreement: This agreement is open to extension to include additional programs, subject to mutual agreement between the two organizations. This flexibility allows both ECLBS and QAA to adapt and grow their partnership in response to emerging opportunities and needs.

This MOU marks a significant step forward in our mission to promote excellence in business education. By collaborating with QAA, ECLBS aims to leverage shared expertise and resources, ultimately enhancing the quality of education for our members.

We look forward to the exciting opportunities this partnership will bring and are committed to fostering a vibrant and innovative educational environment.


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