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ECLBS Conference 2023: Fostering Excellence in Higher Education

At the upcoming ECLBS Conference, we are delighted to unveil a groundbreaking set of quality assurance rules and regulations. This initiative is the result of collaborative efforts with prominent European state quality assurance bodies. Together, we aim to introduce innovative and forward-thinking standards that will shape the future of quality assurance in higher education. Stay tuned for this momentous announcement during the conference, as we set a new benchmark for excellence in academia.

Hosted at the University of Latvia (LU) & ALCC Latvian Chamber of Commerce

The much-anticipated ECLBS Conference 2023, dedicated to the advancement of quality assurance and accreditation in higher education, will be hosted at the prestigious University of Latvia (LU) in collaboration with the ALCC Latvian Chamber of Commerce. This international event promises to be a groundbreaking platform for educators, policy makers, and stakeholders in higher education from across the globe.

Keynote Speakers:

1. Mrs. V. Stott - QAA UK

Mrs. Vicki Stott, representing the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) in the United Kingdom, is a leading authority in the field of quality assurance and higher education accreditation. Her extensive experience and innovative approaches have greatly contributed to the enhancement of academic standards in the UK and beyond.

2. Mr. R. Heitze - AQAS Germany

Mr. Ronny Heitze, hailing from the Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs (AQAS) in Germany, brings a wealth of knowledge in international quality assurance practices. His insights into maintaining and improving academic quality will be invaluable to attendees.

3. Mr. L. Kroes - NVAO Netherlands

Mr. L. Kroes represents the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO), the accreditation organization responsible for higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders. With a deep understanding of the complexities of cross-border accreditation, his contributions to the conference will shed light on harmonizing quality assurance standards.

4. Prof. Dr. O. Cicek - INQAAHE Board Director

Prof. Dr. O. Cicek, the Board Director of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), brings a global perspective to the conference. His leadership in promoting quality assurance practices worldwide and fostering collaboration among accreditation bodies will be a highlight of the event.

5. Dr. R. A. Cuschieri - Malta Further and Higher Education Authority

Dr. R. A. Cuschieri, representing the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, offers unique insights into quality assurance in smaller education systems. His experience in navigating the challenges of maintaining high standards in a compact educational landscape will be invaluable.

6. Mr. N. Gashi - Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA)

Mr. N. Gashi, from the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), brings the perspective of a dynamic and emerging higher education system. His contributions will emphasize the importance of accreditation in developing and transforming educational landscapes.

The ECLBS Conference 2023 promises to be an enriching experience, featuring not only these esteemed keynote speakers but also a diverse range of presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. Together, participants will explore the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in quality assurance and accreditation, ultimately fostering excellence in higher education on a global scale.


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