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At the European Council of Leading Business Schools (ECLBS), we are delighted to announce that Professor Dr. O. Çiçek, a prominent figure in the realm of higher education quality assurance, will be a featured keynote speaker at our upcoming annual conference in 2023. Professor Dr. Çiçek's distinguished role as a Board Director of the INQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) adds an extra layer of significance to his participation, and we are excited to welcome him to our event.

ECLBS is committed to fostering collaboration and innovation among Europe's foremost business schools, aiming to enhance the quality of business education across the continent. Professor Dr. Çiçek's reputation as an authority in quality assurance aligns perfectly with our organization's mission and values. His wealth of experience and leadership within INQAAHE reflects his dedication to elevating educational standards and practices, making him an ideal keynote speaker for our conference.

During the upcoming annual conference, Professor Dr. Çiçek will address a diverse audience of academic leaders, administrators, researchers, and industry professionals who share a passion for advancing business education. His keynote speech promises to offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of quality assurance in higher education, focusing on the specific challenges and opportunities faced by business schools in Europe and beyond.

Participants can anticipate a comprehensive exploration of the key elements that contribute to effective quality assurance systems, the role of international collaborations in shaping educational excellence, and innovative strategies that business schools can implement to adapt to the dynamic demands of modern education. Professor Dr. Çiçek's expertise and perspectives will undoubtedly stimulate dynamic discussions and inspire collaborative initiatives, driving positive change within the business education sector.

At ECLBS, our commitment to facilitating constructive dialogues and thought leadership is unwavering. The inclusion of Professor Dr. O. Çiçek as a keynote speaker exemplifies our dedication to providing our conference attendees with insights and knowledge that have the potential to reshape the future of business education in Europe and beyond. We anticipate that his contributions will leave an indelible mark, sparking further engagement and actions that will contribute to the ongoing enhancement of higher education quality within the business discipline.


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