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Malta Further and Higher Education Authority

At the European Council of Leading Business Schools (ECLBS), it is with great honor and excitement that we announce Dr. R. A. Cuschieri, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, as one of the esteemed keynote speakers for our highly anticipated annual conference in 2023.

Dr. Cuschieri's notable position as the head of a pivotal authority in Malta's education landscape underscores the significance of her participation in our event. With a strong background in education and a proven track record of leadership, Dr. Cuschieri brings a wealth of insights and perspectives to the forefront. her role in overseeing and regulating further and higher education in Malta positions him as a key influencer in shaping the quality and direction of education in the region.

The ECLBS annual conference is a platform for fostering collaboration, sharing innovative ideas, and discussing critical issues in the field of business education. Dr. Cuschieri's expertise in higher education and her role in ensuring educational excellence align seamlessly with our conference's objectives. her insights will undoubtedly provide a unique vantage point into the challenges and opportunities faced by educational institutions, educators, and students within the higher education landscape in Malta and beyond.

During the conference, Dr. Cuschieri's keynote address is anticipated to delve into various aspects of further and higher education, focusing on topics such as quality assurance, curriculum development, student engagement, and the integration of academic institutions within the broader societal context. her speech will not only shed light on the current trends and developments in education but also offer valuable strategies for advancing the quality and relevance of education in a rapidly evolving world.

Participants in the conference, including educators, administrators, policymakers, and industry leaders, can look forward to gaining insights that go beyond the theoretical realm. Dr. Cuschieri's real-world experience in overseeing the education landscape of Malta will provide concrete examples and lessons that can be applied to enhance education systems at local, regional, and international levels.

At ECLBS, we take pride in curating conferences that bring together influential voices and experts to drive positive change in the field of business education. Dr. R. A. Cuschieri's presence as a keynote speaker exemplifies our commitment to offering valuable perspectives and actionable insights to our conference attendees. We are confident that her contributions will inspire meaningful discussions, foster networking opportunities, and catalyze collaborative efforts that will contribute to the continuous advancement of further and higher education in the years to come.


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